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Michelle Tanner - Going West the complete saga

When I started Michelle Tanner – Going West, it was an online, serialized novel. I wrote parts at my own pace and posted them for sale when I was comfortable with each part. It turned into eight parts (one less than the original outline, dropping two planned parts and adding a new part not originally conceived.)

Once I completed the story, I started working on new projects and have several manuscripts about Michelle Tanner in various stages of completion. Then it occurred to me that I had always planned to put out a boxed set of the stories. Rather than that, I reworked it all just a shade, made it more cohesive as a single story, and my wife began to prepare the work for printing. We have completed it and now have the printed copy is available in paperback, and the complete tale is in digital format also.

Either way, printed format or digital, it is much more cost effective than buying all the parts individually. While written as eight installments, it is a single story. A journey west in 1864 from Washington Town (as the American nation's capital was called then) to Denver City (also what Denver was called in those days). It becomes a perilous trek, filled with a gunfight here and there, disease, and new friendships. And lurking in the shadows, a madman intent on revenging himself on one of the main characters. As if the madman’s murder of Joseph Nathan Meeker’s wife and son wasn’t enough, 'Bone Picker' harbors an intent to kill Meeker and all his companions.

Through unusual circumstances, an odd collection of travelers are thrown together. Along the way this group becomes family. Join Michelle Tanner, Nathan 'Sleeps with Bears' Meeker, Henry Buffalo Head, and Sarah Culbertson in their expedition to the mining fields of Colorado Territory. Meet the tiniest outlaws in the west, the Packer Twins, and a mountain of a man named Macy Tucker. See how Marshal Hamilton handles an outlaw gang holding an entire town hostage. Beware, there is a malevolent fiend named Daniel 'Bone Picker' Hannover (also called Two Tongues) out for revenge.

Who will live and who will die?

Link to paperback version coming soon!

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