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Well, I’m all a Twitter now!

Okay, I have finally caved in and opened a Twitter account. Good for me, I can now attempt to cram information into 144 characters. I can’t say I woke up in 144 characters, so how do I impart much of anything in so few keystrokes? I have no idea. Now that isn’t just the words that make up the post, no, that the spaces and that # thing as well.

They show a little mercy on the links, how much, I don’t know yet. I posted a blurb about Ambush at Kansas City there. However, I didn’t really pay much attention to a number of characters I used to do so. I hope to get it all figured out in short order. I mean, just how difficult can it be? After all, Trump got elected, in part, with his twitter feed. Then again, I’m not Trump and you, I’m thankful that I’m not.

All in all, it’s a new experience. If I learn how to use it well is an open question. Right now, I just need to figure out who to follow and hope a few folks will follow me. If you’re on twitter, you can find me at, just follow the link on your very own Twitter account and hit follow. I think that is how you do it.

Go ahead, Tweet me sometime!

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