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Cattle Town

Greed in Golden Valley

Book 2 in the Series

Golden City was a mining town, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With its casinos, brothels and saloons, there was enough excitement to keep any lawman busy. 
Michelle ‘Shell’ Tanner was a US Deputy Marshal in Golden City. As tough as nails, and with the aptitude of any man, Shell took her job seriously. The townsfolk either feared her or despised her, but either way, they all respected her - to some degree.
Everything in town seemed to be quiet, calm, at least until the city marshal died from a heart attack while trying to stop a robbery of one of the casinos. That incident seemed to be a catalyst for disaster, one right after another, with miners being murdered in cold blood, businesses being burnt to the ground, and even more calamities. And US Deputy Marshal Michelle Tanner was determined to find the mastermind behind it all. 


About the book

The second novel in the Michelle Tanner series follows Deputy Marshals Michelle Tanner, Nathan Meeker, the Indians Wounded Hawk and Henry Buffalo Head, and their young charge, Sarah Culbertson.

Originally intended to be titled 'Deputy Marshal', the title was changed after the final edit was done, and Greed in Golden Valley had a better feel about it. The story is rich in characters, from Charlton Healey, the not so up and up owner of The Painted Lady, the stranger in town known only as Leland, and Ike Stockton and his son, James.

Add in a colorful assortment of miners, soiled doves and would-be-heroes, and Golden City comes alive when a murderer strikes.

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