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Welcome to the official website of Ron Lewis,

author of the Michelle Tanner series of books.

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Greed in Golden Valley



Golden City was a mining town, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With its casinos, brothels and saloons, there was enough excitement to keep any lawman busy. 

Michelle ‘Shell’ Tanner was a US Deputy Marshal in Golden City. As tough as nails, and with the aptitude of any man, Shell took her job seriously. The townsfolk either feared her or despised her, but either way, they all respected her - to some degree.

Everything in town seemed to be quiet, calm, at least until the city marshal died from a heart attack while trying to stop a robbery of one of the casinos. That incident seemed to be a catalyst for disaster, one right after another, with miners being murdered in cold blood, businesses being burnt to the ground, and even more calamities. And US Deputy Marshal Michelle Tanner was determined to find the mastermind behind it all. 


The Michelle Tanner - Going West Series

going west series western2.jpg


Michelle Tanner, a fiery red head who wants more out of life heads west into a new frontier. After a chance encounter with the lawman and living legend, Joseph Nathan Meeker, friendship blooms and he becomes her mentor. Traveling west, they meet up with an odd collection of companions; a Christian Indian Veterinarian, Henry Buffalo Head, and an orphaned child, Sarah Culbertson. Together they travel to Denver City, enduring hardships, bandits, shootouts and a madman hell-bent on killing Meeker. Blazing a trail into the west, they became – family.

Originally published as 8 short stories, the old west comes alive in this tale of vengeance, comradeship, justice and family, together in one volume for the first time.

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Going West, Book 1:

Originally published as 8 short stories

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