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Featured in Shout My Book, on July 3rd, 2017.

“Awesome Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Wolfman390

I enjoyed this book right from the start and it only got better as I read it! Awesome job of writing! Can’t wait to read the other book in the series along with others by this author!

Read the entire article here.

Radio Interview


Ron was interviewed on the Wild West Showdown Radio Show.

Have a listen, and learn more about author Ron Lewis and what inspires his stories.

Click on the image to listen, or on this link.

New Books

Michelle Tanner - Greed in Golden Valley

A full length novel following Michelle Tanner, Meeker and the gang, as they head for Golden City, Colorado


Book 2 in the Series

(Originally named Deputy Marshal) Following their adventurous trip west, Nathan Meeker is named Deputy Marshall of Golden City, Colorado. Along with Michelle Tanner and Wounded Hawk as his deputies, and Henry Buffalo Head as his jailer, they take up residence in the mining town. The rowdy miners are skeptical of a female deputy, especially one such as Tanner. Michelle may have her hands full keeping law and order in this mountain town.


Michelle Tanner - The High Lonesome

A full length novel following our red headed heroine of the West

high lonesome3 western.jpg

Coming Soon

In 1866, Deputy US Marshall Michelle Tanner is on a manhunt in the high country of the Colorado Rockies, on the trail of “Smiling Jim” McKune. Having killed a man by accident during a holdup, McKune has fled to the gold camps of Rockies. A crisis of conscience hits McKune like a landslide when he realizes he isn’t the bad man he thought he was. Before Michelle can bring her man to justice, she must set right the wrongs inflicted by a genuinely bad man at the twin camps, Fulford and Nolan’s Creek.

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